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Thus The Side Effects If Too Much Caffeine Consumption

Drinking a cup of coffee when the morning indeed can increase energy and work productivity. After effects of coffee have been felt directly, then You will be hooked and want to constantly drinking coffee. And in the end it will be more harmful to your body.

On some level, coffee may have health benefits (read also: how to make French press coffee ). Various studies show, after drinking coffee lowers risk of dementia in older women, protecting the brain from other cognitive disorders, weight loss and helps relieve headaches.

Quoted from Medical daily, Wednesday (16/11), The Mayo Clinic advises that adults should not drink the coffee more than four cups of coffee a day, or the equivalent of 10 cans of soda or energy drinks. For a dose of caffeine, four cups of coffee around 400 milligrams of caffeine. More than that, "the use of severe caffeine can cause unpleasant side effects," he said.

In addition, too much coffee can also cause restlessness, quick tempered, stomach pain, r…